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Tailored for You


Shakti welcomes families, solo travelers, groups of friends, couples ranging from honeymooners to retirees, offering tailored experiences. While we showcase itineraries on this site, each journey is fully customizable before and during your trip. 

Whether craving a leisurely cultural exploration or a more challenging adventure, our unparalleled flexibility empowers travelers to set their pace and push their boundaries. Rest assured, a luxurious Shakti bed awaits at the end of each day.

Experiential Journeys

Whether exploring on foot and by car in Kumaon & Sikkim or engaging in foot, raft, bike, and car expeditions in Ladakh, these journeys epitomize a holiday with minimal environmental impact while exuding an understated yet refined style. Spanning from a 4-day village walk in Kumaon to a 10-plus-night immersive village and camping experience in Ladakh, these expeditions transcend the boundaries of a mere homestay, hotel, or typical trek. They're immersive odysseys meticulously crafted to be both invigorating and tranquil—a respite far removed from the bustle of everyday life.