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Our Services

Spencer House Partners is an independent corporate finance adviser with expertise in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, financial restructuring, valuation advisory, seed capital and distribution advice, and direct principal investing.


M&A Execution

  • Advice relating to mergers and minority or controlling interest acquisitions acting on either the buy or sell side.

  • Provision of tactical advice, valuation and financial effects analysis, process and due diligence coordination, working with legal advisers on transaction execution, and assistance with internal and external communications.


Strategic and Other Advisory

  • Assisting with corporate strategy, industry insight, governance and incentive structures, and business development.

  • We also provide advice on issues concerning distribution agreements and seed capital (and related economics).

  • Provision of one-off or regular valuations in the context of internal markets, fairness opinions, incentive schemes or general corporate work.

  • Advice concerning the construction of internal markets, including mechanisms, liquidity and funding.

  • Advising on shareholder restructuring, succession planning, equity recycling and the implementation of new long-term incentive / equity schemes.


Capital Advisory and Capital Raising

  • Advisory services include tactical and strategic advice on private markets fund raising for private equity, real assets and other alternative asset management firms.

  • Working with GPs and managers raising next vintage flagship funds, new investment strategies, GP stake sales (primary / secondary) with or without stapled additional capital commitments, joint ventures, secondaries, co-investments and other advisory services related to assisting GPs achieve their objectives.

  • Capital raising includes all aspects of working with GPs and other structures to optimise (i) the presentation of information, (ii) LP due diligence process and VDR content, and (iii) roadshow preparation, helping to maximise the identification and development of close relationships with investors.


Principal Investing

  • Over the years, SHP and its partners have participated in direct private equity investments; typically we have preferred minority positions and opportunities where we can support an existing management team, often the founders of the business, providing assistance with a new stage of the company’s development.

  • Investments are typically made when the investee company believes that we can make an important contribution to the development of the business, for example through advice on strategy, acquisitions, client identification and introduction, marketing, recruitment, or the execution of a sale strategy.

Spencer House Partners LLP
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